Don't Let Cleaning Take Up Your Free Time

Turn to us for janitorial cleaning services in Tuscaloosa or Brookwood, AL

Alliance Cleaning Company in Tuscaloosa, AL is committed to customer satisfaction, uses up-to-date cleaning methods and equipment and has a trustworthy and reputable reputation. We provide janitorial cleaning services for offices, warehouses, restaurants and more. We've even cleaned medical buildings and industrial spaces.

Email our janitorial cleaners today if you want a spotless, fresh space to work in.

Our 5-step cleaning process

You can always count on us for a thorough clean. Our janitorial cleaners follow a five-step process to guarantee a perfect clean every time. We move from room to room in stages to clean them thoroughly. These stages are:

  1. Cleaning all bathrooms from start to finish
  2. All surfaces are cleaned from top to bottom front to back
  3. Taking out the trash and replacing liners and bags
  4. Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors
  5. Inspecting the cleaned space with a final walk-through


One of our team leaders will walk through your space after cleaning to make sure we didn't miss a single spot. Contact us now for janitorial cleaning services.


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